Advanced coal based power generation systems, such as the Air Blown Gasification Cycle (ABGC), offer the potential for high efficiency, electricity generation with minimum environmental impact. An important component of the ABGC development is the gas turbine combustion system. It must bum low calorific value (LCV) coal derived fuel gas, at high turbine inlet temperatures with minimum pollutant emissions. A phased development programme has been completed burning LCV fuel gas (3.6–4.1 MJ/m3) with low emissions, particularly NOx derived from fuel bound nitrogen. Performance tests were carried out on a generic tubo-annular, prototype combustor, at Mach numbers generally lower than those typical to engine applications, with encouraging results. Five design variants, operating at conditions selected to represent a particular medium sized industrial gas turbine each returned an improvement in combustor performance. A further five variants were investigated to establish which design characteristics and operating parameters most affected NOx emissions.

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