Based on the experience gained with more than 80 machines operating worldwide in 50 and 60 Hz electrical systems respectively, Siemens has developed a new generation of advanced gas turbines which yield substantially improved performance at a higher output level. This “3A-Series” comprises three gas turbine models ranging from 70 MW to 240 MW for 50 Hz and 60 Hz power generation applications.

The first of the new advanced gas turbines with 170 MW and 3600 rpm was tested in the Berlin factory test facility under the full range of operation conditions. It was equipped with various measurement systems to monitor pressures, gas and metal temperatures, clearances, strains, vibrations and exhaust emissions.

This paper presents the aero-thermal design procedure of the highly thermal loaded film cooled first stage blading. The predictions are compared with the extensive optical pyrometer measurements taken at the Siemens test facility on the V84.3A machine under full load conditions. The pyrometer was inserted at several locations in the turbine and radially moved giving a complete surface temperature information of the first stage vanes and blades.

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