The recent astonishing progress in computerized sciences have given birth to multimedia, an electronic revolution sometimes compared to the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century. The application of multimedia to education is one of the pre-eminent challenges of the future for academic and industrial institutions. It will certainly dramatically increase both teaching and learning capabilities.

Turbomachines traditionally belong to a scientific field of high technology. Education in the field of turbomachinery is however today principally performed in a traditional way, via lectures, calculation exercises and laboratory experiments. The use of multimedia technology opens up possibilities, which did not previously exist, to perform systematic parameter studies and calculations in undergraduate education, so that the students are able to get a taste of the physical variables that govern the phenomena lectured.

A “Multimedia Educational Package” within the sector Turbomachinery has been developed. This tool, available on CD-ROM and partially on Internet, mainly focuses at present on Thermodynamic Cycles, Turbomachines and Measuring Techniques in Thermal Engineering.

Interactivity is the key concept of the program. The knowledge assimilated by the user is assessed via multiple choice questions with guided answers. Various aspects of the developed model are also integrated in a Turbomachinery Graduate Curriculum.

Numerous tests have already been carried out during lectures, with a positive response from the students. Both students and teachers profoundly believe that, if combined with traditional education, this multimedia tool will enhance not only the knowledge of students, but also their interest in this field. As far as the authors are aware this is the most comprehensive multimedia educational package for turbomachines which presently exists. Figure 1 shows the introductory interface of this package and Fig. 2 an example of a simulation of velocity triangles in the “Turbomachines City”.

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