We report a new non-intrusive diagnostics technique for the simultaneous reconstruction of temperature (T) and soot volume fraction (fv) profiles in axi-symmetric turbulent luminous flames. Line-of-sight spectral radiation intensities (Iλ) for one diametric and nine chord-like radiation paths from a representative horizontal plane of a turbulent ethylene jet flame were measured by a fast infrared array spectrometer. By inverse analysis of the measured mean Iλ at four wavelengths where continuum radiation from soot particles dominates, four local scalar statistics, including mean and root-mean-square (rms) of T and fv, were de-convoluted. Powell’s conjugate-gradient algorithm and Brent’s line minimization algorithm were adopted in solving the present four-variable inverse problem. The calculated mean Iλ matched the experimental data very well within a 3% difference in general. The reconstructed local mean/rms T and fv distributions were in reasonably good agreement with sampling data from similar turbulent flames.

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