Fluid flow in microchannels has emerged as an important area of research due to its various applications in medical and biomedical industries, computer chips, and chemical separations. To fabricate microchannel devices, a thorough understanding of the diffusion reactions on the inside of the microchannel from the viewpoint of multiphase flow dynamics is needed. Electrical impedance tomography (EIT) is a recently developed imaging technique in which conductivity or permittivity images of a subject can be rapidly collected with channels of external electrodes. Usually EIT is visualized into a cross-sectional image representing the distribution of density. Therefore, the application of EIT to microchannels is considered in this paper. This research is a first step to developing EIT for microchannel nanoparticles concentrations in a microchannel with 60 electrodes and measured using the cross-sectional impedance measurement technique. Using the EIT system in a microchannel, a particle distribution image can be obtained in a magnetic fluid. Based on the reconstructed image, it is easy to estimate the particle diffusion behaviors in a fluid flow.

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