The present study investigates the effects of tube roughness and wettability on oil-water flow regimes in mini channels. The tube material examined included borosilicate glass (i.e., e = 0.1 μm) and stainless steel (i.e., e = 5 μm). Flow patterns and pressure drop were measured and presented for different combinations of oil and water superficial velocities, 0.28–3.36 m/s and 0.07–5 m/s, respectively. Stratified, annular, intermittent, and dispersed flow regimes were observed in all tubes and between tubes, many similarities in flow regime emerged. Tube wettability affected flow regime and flow transition from stratified to annular and intermittent flows. Surface roughness had an observable effect overall flow regime and particularly on pressure drop measurements as stainless steel recorded higher pressure drops.

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