Flow past a blunt body, such as a circular cylinder, usually experiences boundary layer separation and very strong flow oscillations in the wake region behind the body at a discrete frequency that is correlated to the Reynolds number of the flow. The periodic nature of the vortex shedding phenomenon can sometimes lead to unwanted structural vibrations. The effect of vibrating instability of a single cylinder is investigated in a uniform flow using the power of computational methods. Fluid structure coupling procedure predicts the fluid forces responsible for structural vibrations. An implicit approach to the solution of the unsteady two-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations is used for computation of flow parameters. Calculations are performed in parallel using a domain re-meshing/deforming technique with efficient communication requirements. Results for the unsteady shedding flow behind a circular cylinder are presented with experimental comparisons, showing the feasibility of accurate, efficient, time-dependent estimation of shedding frequency and resulting vibrations.

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