Many aspects of saturated and subcooled pool boiling CHF in liquids have been investigated by many researchers for pressure, subcooling, test heater configurations, thermal properties, etc., assuming a CHF model mainly based on a kind of hydrodynamic instability at CHF with a linear relation of CHF for subcooling at a pressure for about a half century until now. Recently it was clarified that the CHFs measured were mainly divided into two groups for lower and higher subcooling at a pressure as a typical case. It was assumed that the former and latter CHFs occur due to hydrodynamic instability (HI) and explosive-like heterogeneous spontaneous nucleation (HSN) respectively. It was attempted to clarify in the present paper the effect of test heater configurations on the saturated and subcooled pool boiling CHFs resulting from the HI and the HSN using existing data for horizontal test cylinders with the diameters ranging from 0.2 to 5 mm, a vertical cylinder, a vertically oriented rectangular ribbon and a horizontally suspended vertically oriented rectangular ribbon in liquids by the authors and other researchers. The CHF correlations representing the CHFs resulting from the HI and the empirical correlation resulting with HSN including test heater configuration effects respectively were suggested.

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