This study focuses on developing a new method to remove uranium from aqueous solution. Chitosan and ferrous ions were used together to remove uranium ions from aqueous solution. Through two-step pH adjustment, the uptake behavior of chitosan and ferrous ions toward uranium in aqueous solution using batch systems were studied in different experimental conditions. The experimental results indicated that the removal of uranium by synergetic effect of chitosan and ferrous ions was more effective than the way of adsorbing uranium ions by chitosan alone. Under the given experimental conditions, the concentration of the residual uranium in the effluent after chitosan and ferrous ions treatment could meet the discharge standard (< 0.05mg·l−1) when initial concentration of uranium ions was 10 mg·l−1 or 100 mg·l−1. The synergetic effect of chitosan and ferrous ions including adsorption, coacervation and coprecipitation, are responsible for the high removal rate of uranium.

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