Zr-Nb zirconium alloy was developed at CNPRI and designated as CZ2. In this paper, the composition, size distribution and crystal structure of second phase particles (SPPs) in CZ2 have been analyzed under transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Two types of SPPs were observed in CZ2, which are bcc β-Nb and hcp Zr-Nb-Fe. To study the radiation effects on SPPs, CZ2 in two different heat treatment conditions CZ2-SRA (stress relieved) and CZ2-RXA (recrystallized) were irradiated with 3 MeV Zr++ up to 1.14×1016 Zr/cm2 (50 dpa at the damage peak) at three different temperatures 320°C, 360°C and 400°C in Texas A&M University. Commercial low-tin Zr-4 was also irradiated at the same condition as a reference. The results show that the SPPs of Zr-4 become completely amorphous after irradiation at 320°C and 360°C, while retain crystalline at 400 °C. SPPs of CZ2-RXA are partially disordered only after irradiation at 320°C. The crystal structure of SPPs in CZ2-SRA survived at all temperatures.

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