The condensation of steam in water may cause pressure oscillations, vibrations, and damages to piping and, in some extreme conditions to the internals of suppression tank. Significant R&D activity, especially focusing on the emergency cooling system in BWRs, has been conducted in the past decades to clarify the mechanism of the condensation oscillation evolving/related to the Direct Contact Condensation (DCC).

The present paper deals with the pressure oscillations due to the condensation of steam jet in water, at sub-atmospheric condition; phenomena that have not been fully investigated yet. Vibrations, arisen as flow patterns transformed from stable to unstable, are investigated with particular attention to the dynamic behaviour of the whole suppression system, behavior of the interface, flow patterns etc.

To the purpose, a numerical study is performed by means of suitable FEM in order to identify the dominant frequency associated to the steam jet condensation oscillation in water flow, and determine the resulting values of pressure and acceleration. The obtained results allowed to formulate a correlation between the dominant frequency and the condensation driving potential and steam mass flux.

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