A temperature sensitivity evaluation has been performed for an individual test capsule in the AGR-2 TRISO particle fuel experiment. The AGR-2 experiment is the second in a series of fueled test experiments for TRISO coated fuel particles run in the Advanced Test Reactor at the Idaho National Laboratory. A series of cases were compared to a base case by varying different input parameters in an ABAQUS finite element thermal model. Most input parameters were varied by ±10%, with one parameter ±20%, to show the temperature sensitivity to each parameter. The most sensitive parameters were the outer control gap distance, heat rate in the fuel compacts, and neon gas fraction. The thermal conductivity of the fuel compacts and thermal conductivity of the graphite holder were of moderate sensitivity. The least sensitive parameters were the emissivities of the stainless steel and graphite, along with gamma heat rate in the non-fueled components. Sensitivity calculations were also performed for the fast neutron fluence, which showed a general, but minimal, temperature rise with increasing fluence.

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