A pre-processor was developed to assist CFD experts and non-experts in performing steady, three-dimensional Navier-Stokes analysis of a class of inlet-bleed problems involving oblique shock-wave/ boundary-layer interactions on a flat plate with bleed into a plenum through rows of circular holes. With this pre-processor, once geometry (e.g., hole dimensions and arrangement) and flow conditions (e.g., Mach number, boundary-layer thickness, incident shock location) are inputted, it will automatically generate every file needed to perform a CFD analysis from the grid system to initial and boundary conditions. This is accomplished by accessing a knowledge base established by experts who understand both CFD and the class of problems being analyzed. For experts in CFD, this tool greatly reduces the amount of time and effort needed to setup a problem for CFD analysis. It also provides experts with knobs to make changes to the setup if desired. For non-experts in CFD, this tool enables reliable and correct usage of CFD. A typical session on a workstation from data input to the generation of all files needed to perform a CFD analysis involves less than ten minutes.

This pre-processor, referred to as AUTOMAT-V2, is an improved version of a code called AUTOMAT. Improvements made include: (1) multi-block structured grids can be patched in addition to being overlapped; (2) embedded grids can be introduced near bleed holes to reduce the number of grid points/cells needed by a factor of up to four; (3) grid systems generated allow up to three levels of multigrid; (4) CFL3D is supported in addition to OVERFLOW, two well-known and highly regarded Navier-Stokes solvers developed at NASA’s Langley and Ames Research Centers; (5) all files needed to run RONNIE for patched grids and MAGGIE for overlapped grids are also generated; and (6) more design parameters can be investigated including the study of micro bleed and effects of flow/hole misalignments.

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