Some aspects of the nonlinear dynamics of an impulse-impact oscillator are investigated. After an initial description of the prototype mechanical model used to illustrate the results, attention is paid to the classical local and global bifurcations which are at the base of the changes of dynamical regime.

Some non-classical phenomena due to the particular nature of the investigated system are then considered. At a local level, it is shown that periodic solutions may appear (or disappear) through a non-classical bifurcation which involves synchronization of impulses and impacts. Similarities and differences with the classical bifurcations are discussed.

At a global level, the effects of the non-continuity of the orbits in the phase space on the basins of attraction topology are investigated. It is shown how this property is at the base of a non-classical homoclinic bifurcation where the homoclinic points disappear after the first touch between the stable and unstable manifolds.

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