This paper outlines many of our experiences in the implementation and evolution of the Product Realization Process (PRP) in industry sponsored capstone team design projects. In 1996 we started with 6 projects from 3 companies. We now implement over 50 projects per year. The total number of companies that have sponsored projects is now over 70. This paper will address the following: • The focal point for bringing in projects from industry is the Design and Manufacturing Clinic. • The use of the PRP as the method of developing new products and processes. • The enhancement of the conceptual design process to emphasize innovation. • The effectiveness of various decision analysis methods. • The emphasis and time allocation on each of the phases in the product realization process. • The evolution from a single discipline (mechanical engineering) to a multidiscipline effort. • The introduction of management, team building and cost estimating. • The migration from a one semester course to a two semester sequence. • The cultivation of industry sponsors. • The roles of the faculty and industry mentors.

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