The role of multimedia enriched web-based applications is being widely accepted as an effective training and instruction mechanism for technical training. Individualized training tools can be created to fit the trainee’s needs. The use of three-dimensional visualization for the web-based training environments plays a key role in building an effective and highly interactive training application. There are still needs to overcome problems regarding the integration of multimedia objects such as three-dimensional animation and simulation. The main objective of this research is to develop the training system with the help of the latest multimedia tools and using the internet as a delivery media. The use of the three-dimensional visualization adds a significant improvement in web-based environment for technical and engineering trainings. In order to accomplish the goals of this research, two kinds of environments are established. Although, the training sections of both the environments are same, there is a difference in terms of editing the position and appearance of the solid models inside the training environment. In the first environment, there is always need of multimedia specialist to edit the position and appearance of the solid models inside the environment. Second environment is provided with a text-based HTML file to provide the easy editing tool for controlling the solid models inside the training environment.

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