In this study, a parametric study on material properties and friction coefficient of mechanical components are investigated through simulating the real working conditions by a numerical method. As the screw rotors are the key components in an air compressor system, the rotors are exposed to complicated loading conditions during operation. The objective of this study is to investigate the effects on the input moment, peak Von Mises stress and the mechanical efficiency of the air compressor system subjected to varying parameters of the material properties of the female rotor and friction coefficients. From the simulation results, the peak Von Mises stress is greatly affected by the parameters of the material property of the female rotor, and the input moment and the mechanical efficiency are slightly influenced in the first condition. And, the peak Von Mises stress is significantly affected by the parameters of the friction coefficients, in the decreasing trend. The input moment is also increased with the increasing parameters of the friction coefficients. The mechanical efficiency is inversely correlated with the input moment, whereby efficiency is greatly reduced with an increase in input moment. The study shows that the proposed numerical method is efficient and suitable to establish the parameters study on the twin screw rotors, and provides an effective approach to investigate the twin screw rotors and improve the design of the system.

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