Riccati transfer matrix method for multibody systems (RMSTMM) has lower matrix order and better numerical stability than transfer matrix method for multibody systems (MSTMM). In order to make technicians more convenient to apply RMSTMM in practical engineering to improve the computational efficiency of dynamics, in this paper, a linear RMSTMM solver is developed based on the linear RMSTMM theory. A solver input document with good compatibility and extensibility is designed based on extensible markup language (XML); The data structure of multibody system is designed based on object-oriented programming method. The technique of auto selecting the cut hinges of closed-loops of the multibody system is established by introducing the correlation matrix and the dynamic connectivity matrix which depict the connecting state of elements. The automatic generation of the derived tree system by cutting off the closed-loops in the multibody system is realized based on the technique. The automatic regularly numbering of dynamics elements of multibody systems is realized based on the depth first recursive traversal algorithm; Finally, the Riccati transfer matrix recursive technique is implemented based on the regular numbers of dynamics elements of the multibody system. An example is given to verify the effectiveness of the solver which provides a powerful tool for extending the application of RMSTMM in practical engineering.

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