Two novel folded honeycombs with miura pattern are proposed in this paper. Geometry parameters for design process are given and explained. The in-plane compressive strength of the two proposed novel folded honeycombs has been studied by means of finite element simulation using ABAQUS. Quasi-static loading in two in-plane direction is selected to obtain the deformation and plateau stress. The unique collapse modes and plateau state are obtained and discussed. Compared with the conventional honeycombs, the in-plane strength of the two folded honeycombs is improved significantly. The negative Poisson’s ratio effect and buckling-restrained mechanism are introduced to illustrate the improvement. It is summarized that plateau stress under in-plane loading is improved with the included angle of miura pattern decrease for the local buckling is restrained. The folded auxetic honeycomb has the best in-plane strength for its presented negative Poisson’s ratio in two loading cases.

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