A numerical method for calculation of strong radiation for two-dimensional reactive air flow field is developed. The governing equations are taken to be two dimensional, compressible Reynolds-average Navier-Stokes and species transport equations. Also, radiation heat flux in energy equation is evaluated using a model of discrete ordinate method. The model used S4 approximation to reduce the governing system of integro-differential equations to coupled set of partial differential equations. A multiband model is used to construct absorption coefficients. Tangent slab approximation is assumed to determine the characteristic parameters needed in the Discrete Ordinates Method. The turbulent diffusion and heat fluxes are modeled by Baldwin and Lomax method. The flow solution is obtained with a fully implicit time marching method. A thermochemical nonequilibrium formulation appropriate to hypersonic transitional flow of air is presented. The method is compared with existing experimental results and good agreement is observed.

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