This paper studies the whole-load thermal characteristic of IGCC system. IGCC is one of advanced clean coal power generation systems. At present, it has been operationally demonstrated in the world. However theoretical researches on it are still insufficient, especially researches on off-design characteristic. Based on the idea of independent variable, we have analyzed key factors, which influence the performance of the system, and constructed a whole-load characteristic map. On the basis of generalization and modular modeling idea of total energy system, the whole-load characteristic models of key components and subsystems are built and the corresponding programs are developed. A group of whole-load characteristic curves of IGCC system under different conditions has been obtained and then the typical off-design rules of system have been summed up and the whole-load characteristic has been mapped out. The whole load characteristic map has revealed the typical off-design rules of IGCC system, and from it several valuable conclusions can be drawn. These conclusions and typical rules provide the specific information and basic data for further study on operation characteristic, control rule, system design and optimization of IGCC system.

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