This paper presents a groove reconstruction method based on the local rule of Cellular Automata (CA). A local rule for groove reconstruction is proposed to design and optimize the groove of milling insert. The insert is firstly divided into a large number of cells that typically form a regular grid over the domain. The domain consists of regular square cells with discrete variables and the discrete CA model is built. As the cells in the CA domain only interact with their neighboring cells when performing local computations, the governing equation for the whole domain is not necessary. Then the states of cells are modified according to the local rule applied. The state of the entire system is updated based on the state of the cell and its neighboring cells. Collectively, these cells’ states define the state of the entire domain, and the groove can be reconstructed according to the state of the domain. The reconstructed groove is tested by a FEM simulation. The simulation results show that the reconstructed groove has a satisfied performance on the stress field.

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