Oxygen molecules are paramagnetic while nitrogen molecules are diamagnetic. In the same gradient magnetic field, the magnetizing forces on oxygen molecules are stronger than those on nitrogen molecules, which in opposite directions. The intercepting effect on oxygen molecules by gradient magnetic field can be used for oxygen enrichment from air. The structure, which is called multi-channel cascading magnets array frame in the paper, are optimized by additional yokes. By comparison of distributions of magnetic field in multi-channel array without yokes and that with yokes, the additional yokes can eliminate the differences among different magnetic spaces in multi-channel cascading magnets’ arrays and enhances the magnetic flux densities in spaces. Joining magnets together in the length direction can make the air stay longer in the ‘magnetic sieve’ and raise the oxygen concentration of air flowing out from the optimized multi-channel cascading magnets’ arrays. The inside additional yoke can used to avoid the gradient magnetic field at the joints of the magnets and get near uniform magnetic field along length direction. The optimized multi-channel cascading magnets’ array frames can effectively promote the development of oxygen enrichment from air by “magnetic sieve”.

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