Micro-channels are presently used extensively in applications related to biomedicine and others. These applications commonly involve flow patterns apt for separating particles in suspension, or fluid layers or fluid portions. In order to find a desired optimum performance it is necessary, among other factors, to determine the pressure gradients that would generate the required flow patterns. Presently the driving pressure gradients are produced by means of mechanical devices, such as syringe pumps, which have obvious limitations in the case where the flow time-pattern is complex. High frequency flows with varying amplitude or swift changes in acceleration imply overcoming big inertia forces in mechanisms. In this paper it is presented a novel and alternative methods for providing complex pressure pulses for the case were the working fluid changes properties when affected by magnetic fields. It is shown that an appropriate arrangement of parallel tubes, subject to different magnetic fields, can induce a wide variety of pressure pulses in selected stations of the system. These stations can be used for connecting the working channel. An analytical model is presented together with several applications.

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