Transmission screw nuts with structure of steel-backing/self-lubrication composite lining have the advantages of high bearing capacity and low friction coefficient. Two materials and fabricating methods of linings were developed for the new screw nuts. Lubrication grooves on the female thread surfaces of the nuts were made during fabricating. One material was based on Carbon-Fabric/Epoxy (CFR/EP) and the lining was fabricated by pasting. The other was based on Carbon-Fiber/Epoxy (CF/EP) and the lining was fabricated by injecting. Experiments showed that in comparison with bronze nuts, the friction coefficients of CFR/EP and CF/EP nuts were reduced by 54% and 36% respectively, and the transmission efficiency increased by 50% and 29% respectively. The bearing capacities of the composite nuts were also increased. Differing from all metal-metal screws, the static frictions of the new screws were lower than the dynamic. It would have great effects on screw dynamic characteristics and need further researches.

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