Prediction of the Operational Envelope (OPEN) for liquid carry-over is essential for optimized performance of Gas-Liquid Cylindrical Cyclone (GLCC©1) compact separators. This study extends the previous GLCC liquid carry-over studies from 2-phase flow to 3-phase gas-oil-water flow incorporating pressure and level control configurations. A series of experiments were conducted to evaluate the performance of a 3″ diameter GLCC in terms of OPEN for liquid carry-over. Both light oil and heavy oil were utilized, with watercuts ranging from 0 to 100%. The liquid level was controlled at 6″ below the GLCC inlet. A significant effect of watercut on the OPEN for liquid carry-over for three-phase flow was observed. As the watercut reduces, the OPEN for liquid carry-over reduces too. Also, the OPEN for heavy oil reduces as compared to light oil, which could be primary due to the effect of viscosity. Finally, the annular mist velocity increases with the increment of watercut and viscosity.

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