Scanning beam interference lithography (SBIL) technology is applied to produce large-area grating with nanoscale phase accuracy. One of the greatest challenges of SBIL is locking interference fringe to a moving substrate with nanometer spatial phase error, which requires measuring the fringe phase with subnanometer precision. We are developing a novel homodyne phase-locking interferometer (HPLI) to meet the harsh measurement requirements. The HPLI offers high precision phase measurements as well as the direction recognition of the interference fringe drift with a four-orthogonal detection system. However, nonlinearity error impacts the phase measurement accuracy of HPLI with nanometer scale, which is mainly due to polarization mixing. In this paper, we present a method to estimate and compensate nonlinearity error in real time by applying an extended Kalman filter algorithm. The simulation results show that the method can effectively eliminate the nonlinearity error.

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