Deterministic lateral displacement (DLD) is a method of inertial size-based particle separation with potential applications in high throughput sample processing, such as the fractionation of blood or the purification of target species like viral particles or circulating tumor cells. Recently, it has been shown that symmetric airfoils with neutral angle-of-attack (AoA) can be used for high-throughput design of DLD device, due to their mitigation of vortex effects and preservation of flow symmetry under high Reynolds number (Re) conditions. While high-Re operation with symmetric airfoils has been established, the effect of AoA for airfoil on the DLD performance has not been characterized. In this study, we present a high-Re investigation with symmetric airfoil-shaped pillars having positive and negative 15 degree AoA. Both positive and negative AoA configurations yield significant flow anisotropy at higher flow rates. The stronger shift of the critical diameter (Dc) was observed with negative AoA, but not in positive AoA device. The most likely contributor may be the growing anisotropy that develops in the AoA device at higher flow rates. This study shows that high-Re DLD design with airfoil shaped pillars requires significant consideration for pillar orientation to control flow symmetry.

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