A Multistage Elliptical Parametric (MEP) method is developed in this research for damage size evaluation in anisotropic composite laminates. The Lamb waves are actuated and sensed using piezoelectric (lead zirconate titanate, PZT) transducers arranged as a network of square cells. The dynamic response signals are processed using a continuous wavelet transformation (CWT) based on the Gabor wavelet for accurate time of flight (ToF) measurements. A numerical method is developed for the construction of non-elliptic path loci for each actuator-sensor pair. The damage is localized first using the least squares method, and then the damage edge points are located on each non-elliptic path loci as points which have the minimum distance from the damage location. The MEP method based on the damage edge points is implemented in multiple stages for damage size evaluation in a cross-ply laminate. Each stage is designed on the basis on excitation of specific prearranged transducers inside the square cell. The results indicate that the MEP method can quantitatively estimate the size of an elliptical damage in cross-ply laminates.

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