Magnetic assembly of micro/nano materials are of great interest due to their unique properties. These nano-scale materials can be ensemble with other matrixes to prepare for new functional micro/nano composites with enhanced specific properties such as, thermal conductivity. In this study, we demonstrated the distribution and magnetic alignment of nickel (Ni) nanoparticle/nanowires inside of a non-magnetic matrix, (e.g., water or a molten wax), experimentally and computationally. A two-dimensional Monte Carlo simulation model is employed to investigate the aggregate structures of Ni nanoparticle/nanowires subjected to a one-directional static magnetic field. It is anticipated that the applied magnetic strength will influence the attractive forces between nanoparticle/nanowires that will produce chain-like cluster structures parallel to magnetic direction where the aligned chains will be separated by a range of distances that are also function of magnetic field strength.

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