The present work was carried in a manufacturing context, using augmented reality as the main tool. The main goal is to explore the capabilities of augmented reality used in manufacturing environments through connectivity and a digital shadow. Novel features implemented include control, interactions, and display of information not only of machines but any element connected to the industrial IoT. These features are addressed by the implementation of infrastructure prepared to communicate with different kinds of protocols. Additionally, a discrete event simulation of the manufacturing cell is created through specific software and connected with its 3D model to visualize the process and relevant information in AR. With this implementation, it is possible to establish a communication environment between machines, robots, and any element connected to the network. Also, this concept enables the visualization, control, interaction, and sending/receiving information of processes in real-time. Then, any person can see process information anywhere and interact within the AR model using a capable device. Therefore, AR applied in combination with other I4.0 tools allows to have high-level intelligent processes and increase operator’s abilities in manufacturing environments. The application of the proposed concept into modern manufacturing facilities was discussed and reviewed.

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