Water scarcity is one of the growing concerns in today’s world. Communities that reside in remote areas or at higher altitudes may encounter water scarcity due to lack of water transport infrastructure affecting drinking, sanitation, farming, and other water-based needs. These issues can be effectively solved by employing a hydraulic ram pump, which does not require electricity to function. Hydraulic ram pumps are powered by the water-head available between the source and the pump unit resulting in a negligible operational cost. The goal of the present study was to modify the source tank configuration of an existing ram pump system to improve its overall performance. A ram pump setup was built using various components viz. valves, PVC pipe and connectors, and digital pressure gauges. The source tank configuration was modified and experimented with using the existing ram pump unit. The study revealed a promising improvement in the overall performance of the hydraulic ram pump. Performance tests using the modified setup showed a better volumetric pump efficiency of nearly 8%. Overall, an approximately 41% increase in the pump efficiency was accomplished with the modified source tank as compared to that observed using the original source tank configuration.

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