It is shown that the frequency analysis of pneumatic microchannels is experimentally limited to low frequencies, because of the large difference between the microchannels and the current pressure sensors areas. From this remark, a new pneumatic low-frequency generator has been devised. Firstly, the good quality of the sinusoidal pressure signal has been checked. Secondly, first experimental data have been obtained for microtubes about 100 μm in diameter; regarding the gain and the phase of the pressure signal, they show a good agreement with a previously elaborated model. Finally, the feasibility of performing measurements on smaller microchannels, with hydraulic diameters about 1 μm, has been demonstrated. Since it requires to associate several microchannels in parallel, first experimental measurements with a few microtubes in parallel have been made; they have confirmed theoretical predictions, with discrepancies in the same region as for data about millimetric systems reported in the literature.

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