This research effort involved experimentally testing an advanced-cycle, ammonia-water absorption chiller with a cooling capacity of 17.6 kW (5 refrigeration tons (RT)). The system was a Generator-Absorber Heat Exchange (GAX) cycle and was sized for residential and light commercial use, where very little absorption equipment is currently used. The components of the cycle were assembled with instrumentation, including flow meters, pressure transducers, and thermocouples. The findings of the research were cycle cooling load and Coefficient of Performance (COP), as well as many component heat duties and working fluid state points throughout the cycle. The COP of the chiller at essentially full load was 0.68.

Existing market research shows that significant business opportunities exist for a GAX heat pump or chiller with a cooling COP of 0.70 or greater. The work performed in this study provides a breadboard cycle with performance approaching the target value and identifies improvements that must be made to achieve a packaged unit operating with a cooling COP of 0.70.

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