Laser Doppler anemometry (LDA) was used to measure velocity distributions in a table-top, co-rotating, self-wiping, twin-screw extruder having a Plexiglas barrel. Velocity measurements were made in the translational region of a 14 mm pitch forward conveying screw element. Axial (along the screw axis) and tangential (normal to the axis) velocity components were measured using a Newtonian (heavy corn syrup) and a pseudoplastic (CMC solution) fluid. The variation of velocity with screw rotation was similar for both fluids. The tangential velocity component for both fluids was higher closer to the screw flights and smaller in the middle of the screw channel. The axial velocity component was close to zero near the screw flights. Maximum values of the axial component were measured in the middle of the of the screw channel.

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