Enbridge Pipelines remotely controls the flow of approximately two-thirds of Canada’s crude oil and refined products produced from the Western Canadian Sedimentary basin through the Enbridge mainline pipeline system. These various products divided into batches run though multiple terminal systems. Each terminal site is unique and requires a multitude of specialized control systems to maintain its various flow patterns. To efficiently control these terminals Enbridge operators use the custom built PROCYS SCADA system. This system contains a graphical user interface containing schematics and panels that allow operator view and control. As part of this system a subset of control panels were developed and labeled swing panels. Swing panels allow operators to safely and efficiency run product through the various systems within a terminal. Swing panels have been in successful operation for over 10 years, however their development and maintenance cycles were less than optimal for operators and SCADA support staff. For this reason the Enbridge Terminal swing panel system was redesigned. These second generation swing panels were designed to use XML input files and Perl scripting to allow for automated construction. By encapsulating terminal swings in XML the swing panels are easier to maintain and build. This re-design resulted in a system of more functional, usable, and maintainable swing panels. The following paper will discuss this project in more detail.

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