Precision positioner has been significantly developed as the rapid growth of MEMS and IC industries. As for short-stroke position, the loss of friction can be avoided by using flexible hinges. Long-stroke postioner, however, in which moved-to-be mass always stands on the guide-way part, a main source of friction, makes friction unavoidable. Friction estimation is based on certain filters, such as Extended Kalman filter (EKF). However, estimation accuracy of Kalman filter, especially at low-velocity movement, is not very well. To solve this problem, the paper proposes an estimation method based on DD2 to make an accurate estimation. And the result shows this method is promising in real-time friction estimation. After background introduction, in section 2, the relation of EKF and Taylor series and EKF implementation are reviewed and its limitations are noted as well. A briefly introduction to DD2 is given in Section 3 and friction estimation case comparing the simulation results of DD2 estimation with that of EKF described in Section 4, respectively. At last, conclusions are summarized.

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