This paper presents a stability evaluation of jetties constructed on soft soils for channel protection at Huanghua Port of China, through finite element analysis incorporating strength reduction technique. During construction, shear strengths will increase with the consolidation of soft foundation soils to a great extent. In order to consider this characteristic, the construction process of a jetty-foundation system is simulated by finite element method. The jetty-foundation system is long enough to be regarded as a plane strain problem and is discretized with two-dimensional finite element mesh. In order to implement strength reduction, each node on the mesh is given a temperature. By defining the cohesions and internal friction angles of soils as functions of temperature, the shear strength of the foundation soils can be assigned for each element. The temperature-dependent properties can be used to realize shear strength reduction by changing the nodal temperature in the subsequent analysis. With this technique, the factor of safety of the jetty-foundation system can be achieved in a single simulation process. Repeat trial simulations are avoided.

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