When the Reynolds number is in the range of 30,000 and 100,000, the vibration characteristics of two square cylinders with elastic support and different tandem spacing are investigated by 2-D URANS simulations using OpenFOAM. In this work, the center to center distance (d) of two square cylinders is an important parameter and it increases from 2 to 6 diameters (D). Amplitude responses and frequency responses of first and second square cylinders are discussed and compared. The amplitude and frequency responses of first square cylinder are verified by the experiment results of Nemes et al. and they agree well in changing trends. The simulation results indicate that the amplitudes of the two square cylinders with different tandem spacing show an increasing trend with reduced velocity increasing. The maximum amplitudes reach 1.06D and 1.10D for the first and the second cylinders, respectively. And the oscillation of the second square cylinder is enhanced when d = 4D. The center to center distance has no significant effect on the frequency ratios of two square cylinders.

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