To study the hydrodynamic characteristics of the submersible mussel raft in waves and currents, the numerical model of the submersible raft was established based on the finite element method and kinematics theory. The finite element program Aqua-FE™ was applied to simulate the impacts of waves and currents on the hydrodynamic responses of the surface and submerged rafts, respectively. Morison Equation was applied to compute the tension of the mooring lines. Apart from the wave condition, the flow has a significant effect on the mooring line tension of the submersible raft. The submerged raft is useful for reducing the mooring loads. The submergence depth of the mussel raft can be adjusted depending on the marine environment. The results show that the submerged raft wave response was found to be reduced relative to the surface raft. The vertical motion of mussel rope connection points was significantly reduced by submergence, resulting in reduced potential for mussel drop-off. Compared the performance of the submerged raft in the same condition, the motion amplitude of the framework of the raft decreased significantly while increasing the submergence depth. At the same period, the trend of the decrease followed by levelling off with an increasing wave height. However, the submergence depth had no significant effect on the mooring line tension.

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