In the ocean environment, the ship is prone to motions in six directions of roll, pitch, yaw, sway, surge, and heave under the influence of the waves. It will affect not only the airworthiness of the ship, but also have an adverse impact for the crew and the board’s equipment. In view of this situation, a new type of ship anti-rolling device has been proposed, which is based on the structural characteristics of the Stewart platform with precise adjustment of the position of the load platform and the stability of the gyroscope under the high-speed rotation of the rotor. Firstly, theoretical analysis of the device conducted with theorem of moment of momentum method shows that the device has practical feasibility and effectiveness. Then, a solid model has been established in Creo2.0 software, and the model has been imported into the dynamic analysis software MSC.ADAMS. Finally, using torque as the exciting force to simulate the impact of the wave, the dynamic simulation of the overall model has been analyzed. The simulation results show that such device has good anti-rolling performance under certain waves, indicating that the new anti-rolling device based on the Stewart platform and the three-axis gyroscope has effective reliability and practicability.

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