The umbilical which consists of hydraulic tubes, electrical cables and optical cables is a key equipment in the subsea production system. Each components perform different physical properties, so different cross-sections will present different geometrical characteristic, carrying capacities, the cost and the ease of manufacture. Therefore, the cross-sectional layout design of the umbilical is a typical multi-objective optimization problem. A mathematical model of the cross-sectional layout considering geometric and mechanical properties is proposed, and the genetic algorithm is introduced to copy with the optimization model in this paper. A steepest descent operator is embedded into the basic genetic algorithm, while the appropriate fitness function and the selection operator are advanced. The optimization strategy of the cross-sectional layout based on the hybrid genetic algorithm is proposed with the fast convergence and the great probability for global optimization. Finally, the cross-section of an umbilical case is performed to obtain the optimal the cross-sectional layout. The geometric and mechanical performance of results are compared with the initial design, which verify the feasibility of the proposed algorithm.

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