The leakage tightness behavior of bolted flange joints is compromised due to high temperature effects and in particular when creep of the materials of the different components of the bolted flanged joint take place. The relaxation of bolted flanged joints is often estimated from the creep of the gasket and the bolts. The creep behavior of the flange ring and the attached structures such as the shell and the hub is often neglected. Apart from an acknowledgement of relaxation due to creep, the designer has no specific tools to accurately assess this effect on the bolt load relaxation. The objective of this paper is to present an analytical approach capable of predicting the bolt load relaxation due to creep of the attached structures. The proposed approach is validated by comparison with 3D FE models of different size flanges. An emphasis will be put towards the importance of including creep of the attached structures in high temperature flange designs.

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