In recent years BAM was involved in several licensing procedures of new package designs for the transport of radioactive material, where the cask body was made of Ductile Cast Iron (DCI). According to IAEA regulations type B(U) packages must withstand the defined accident conditions of transport. For the cask material DCI, it is necessary to determine the brittle fracture behaviour. Due to the complex structure of the cask body and the dynamic loading a fracture mechanical assessment in an analytical way is not always possible. Numerical calculations are necessary to determine the fracture mechanical load in the component. At the first step a numerical analysis has to be done to identify the loading state at the cask body. Secondly an analysis of a detail of the cask body is made considering the boundary conditions of the global model. An artificial flaw is considered in this detailed model to calculate the fracture mechanical loading state. The size of the artificial flaw is characterized by the ultrasonic inspection used for the quality assurance of the package. The applicant developed additional analysis tools for calculation of stress intensity factor and/or J-Integral.

The paper describes the authority assessment approach for the DCI fracture mechanics analysis.

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