In some cracks attributed to primary water stress corrosion cracking, the crack depth a was greater than half-length of the crack 0.5ℓ. This paper presents details of stress intensity factor solutions for circumferential surface cracks with large aspect ratios a/ℓ in piping system subjected to global bending. The stress intensity factor solutions for semi-elliptical surface cracks were obtained by finite element analyses with quadratic hexahedron elements. Solutions at the deepest and the surface points of the cracks with various aspect ratio (0.5 ≤ a/ℓ ≤ 4.0), crack depth ratio (0.01 ≤ a/t ≤ 0.8) and pipe sizes ( 1/80 ≤ t/Ri ≤ 1/2) were investigated, where t and Ri are wall thickness and inner radius of pipe, respectively. Proposed stress intensity factor solutions for cracks with a/ℓ = 0.5 are consistent with the values reported in the previous study. The solutions developed in this study are widely applicable to various engineering problems related to crack evaluation in piping systems.

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