From linear elastic fracture mechanics (LEFM), it is well accepted that only the singular stress near the crack tip contributes to the fracture event through the crack tip stress intensity factor K. In the biaxial loading, the stress component that adds to the T-stress at the crack tip, affects only the second term in the Williams’ series solution around the crack tip. Therefore, it is generally believed that biaxial load does not change the apparent fracture toughness or the critical stress intensity factor (Kc). This paper revisited several specimen geometries under biaxial loading with finite element method. The sources of discrepancy between the theory and the test data were identified. It was found that the ideal biaxial loading would not be achieved for typical fracture specimens with finite geometry. Comparison to available test data shows that, while the biaxial load could affect the apparent fracture toughness, the contribution is relatively small.

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