We have been studied on the physical property evaluation in high-pressure hydrogen environment for components and materials used in hydrogen infrastructure such as hydrogen refueling station and hydrogen fuel cell vehicle for safe use and dissemination of hydrogen energy. Hydrogen is small and light and easily leaks out of storage containers or parts. For safety, it is important to measure the permeability of the material and parts for high pressure hydrogen vessel. We will present the measurement of hydrogen permeability of polymer materials used in hydrogen storage containers and O-rings. Hydrogen permeability was measured by differential pressure method, and the permeability of several polymers such as EPDM, NBR, FKM, and HDPE was measured. Their diffusivity could be calculated using the obtained permeability graph, and their solubility was also obtained. We will measure the permeability by changing the type and the amount of additives and fillers in polymers. We will also measure the change in permeability with various hydrogen pressure and temperature.

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