This study seeks to assess the morphology of Nafion nanofiber membranes produced by electrospinning technology. The effects of solution concentration, electrode separation and applied voltage on diameter are investigated. The morphology of Nafion nanofibers measurements for different concentration and operating conditions are acquired by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The thermal performance is also analyzed by TGA and DSC. Results show that the bead-free nanofibers are electrospun from 0.3 wt%∼0.7 wt% PEO in 5 wt% Nafion solution at the electrode separation of 16 cm ∼ 20 cm, an applied voltage of 20 kV ∼ 50 kV and an electrode bar rotation rate of 0.9 rpm. The mean dimeters of Nafion increase with increasing PEO content and electrode separation. The mean dimeters of Nafion decrease with increasing applied voltage. The formation of continuous smooth nanofiber is related to solution viscosity and electrospinning conditions. In addition, glass transition temperature of the Nafion nanofibers increases with increasing PEO concentration and Nafion nanofibers show a good thermal stability.

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