Since continuum robots are applicable in many areas, including industry and medicine, research interest in this field is continuously increasing. A crucial aspect to effectively control their complex motion is the type of actuators. Common solutions are characterized by bulky driving units placed at the base of the robot. Although these solutions allow preserving the lightweight nature of the active part, they affect the weight, size, and mobility of the total system. This paper presents a novel concept of a fully integrated continuum robotic endoscope driven by shape memory alloy (SMA) wire actuators. These unconventional actuators are integrated within the flexible structure, resulting in a compact and lightweight overall robotic structure. The mechanical design and assembly are first described in detail showing the unique features. Furthermore, the design of an SMA driven autofocus system is described. In the future, the autofocus should be integrated within the tip of the robot and allows adjusting the focus of a camera.

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