A consensus is beginning to emerge that the time has come for a radical change in all of our engineering curricula to make each of them far more responsive to the needs of today and tomorrow. However, there is profound disagreement on what directions of change are appropriate. It is essential that you, the mechanics community in the universities, industry, government, and private practice, enter immediately and vigorously into these ongoing debates on the future of undergraduate engineering education. Similar controversial issues are emerging at the graduate level and also call for your early input. You appreciate that mechanics in all its aspects is but a fraction of the totality of engineering education. However, you best understand why education in mechanics and education through mechanics, and the many other branches of fundamental engineering science, are among the essential building blocks for all engineers. You owe it to your colleagues in the specialized engineering disciplines to reach consensus among yourselves first, and then share your insight on the appropriate role of mechanics in the future before they commit themselves and you to any course of action.

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